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Tallent Title Group, Inc. - Placing an Order Information Placing a title order is easy to do with Tallent Title Group, Inc.   Requesters (persons and or organizations requesting title order) can (1) contact our offices  via Phone or personally contact us to place a title order, or (2) Email your request to packages@tallenttg.com.

Upon receiving a title order request either by direct contact or via Email (packages@tallenttg.com), our office staff will contact Requester(s) to confirm request of the title order and, if necessary, resolve any and all issues identified at the time title order is placed.  Typically our staff will contact Requester(s) within two hours of receipt of title order request.  Acknowledgment is typically made by our Staff for said requests via Email, direct phone call, Fax acknowledgment, and or any combination thereof.

If Requester(s) has(have) any questions regarding the process, please contact our staff  at our Email or Phone number found on our Contact Us  web page. Resolving your questions is very important to us.  We diligently attempt to maintain the highest level of support in all of our endeavors.

Placing title orders with Tallent Title Group, Inc. initiates processes that ensure:

  • reviews of title commitments for encumbrances are undertaken,
  • creating legal document packages to be signed by all parties of the transaction,
  • coordination of the closing location(s), and
  • preparation of legal documentation for finalization is completed and appropriately transferred, registered, filed and sealed.

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